“The Quick Start Guide To A Gluten-Free Lifestyle” E-Book

by Gretchen Scalpi, RD, CDE

Gluten-Free E-BookMy name is Gretchen Scalpi. I have been a Registered Dietitian – Nutritionist for over 30 years. Over the years, I have worked with many clients in my private practice who required a gluten-free diet related to a specific health condition. Ironically, a few years ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and set out to maintain a strict gluten-free diet myself. I believe that my clinical expertise in nutrition, along with my first-hand experience, gives me a unique perspective about what it’s really like to “live” this eating plan each and every day.

Years ago, Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity was seldom diagnosed in the general population. Today, with better diagnostic testing, more people than ever have been able to reliably receive an accurate diagnosis of gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease. At the same time, we have witnessed exponential growth of the gluten-free foods industry to match this trend.

The gluten-free lifestyle has indeed become trendy and popular among many groups of people, and is sometimes given more credit for its effectiveness than it really deserves. What I hope to provide you with in this e-book is a good basic understanding of the gluten-free diet: what it is and who will benefit from it. I will also help you to understand what this diet is not and what beliefs are simply not evidenced-based.

The gluten-free diet is not for everyone, and it is not an answer to the countless medical problems that it has been credited with curing. On the other hand, for those who truly need this diet, it is likely the only effective treatment to become well again.

This e-book can help you to understand whether or not you are one of the people who should follow this plan, and hopefully it will get you started on the right path to better health.

Topics included:

  • An overview of the medical and nutritional complications related to gluten intolerance.
  • Basic skills you need to ensure that eating gluten-free is done in a way to maximize good nutrition.
  • How to stock your pantry with the right stuff, how to keep your gluten-free lifestyle affordable, how to read labels and find hidden sources of gluten, how to contact manufacturers or locate specific food products.
  • How to choose healthier gluten-free grain alternatives, tips to boost nutrition in prepared gluten-free foods, how to modify your favorite recipes, and the secret to successful baking with gluten-free flours.
  • You will learn how to deal with family and friends, as you work through your new way of eating.
  • How to deal with social situations, keep your child stay safe and gluten-free at school or college
  • How to eat safely in restaurant settings.
  • Also included are some of the answers to common questions about a gluten-free lifestyle in a FAQ format.

Downloadable bonuses included are:

  • School College and the 504 Plan
  • Simple Dining Out Card
  • Gluten-Free Black Bean Recipe
  • Gluten-Free Cookbook Recommendations
  • Easy Gluten-Free Meals
  • Gluten-Free Flour Blends
  • Symptoms of Celiac Disease
  • Family Talk: Getting Your Family Tested For Celiac Disease
  • Additives and Ingredients That Are Gluten-Free
  • Shopping List: Gluten-Free Foods

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Read our first review:

“I am a person who has always been interested in health and nutrition and was very interested in reading more about gluten.The Quick Start Guide to a Gluten Free Lifestyle was certainly an eye-opener for me. I always knew that gluten was not the best thing and causes inflammation. Gluten disrupts the immune system and also causes skin symptoms in people that don’t even have Celiac disease. So this is a must read for everyone.

After reading this book, I was informed of healthier food choices and a lot about how Celiac disease is diagnosed, which tests are done and how to handle social eating situations. I also was informed, for the first time, about cross contamination which is more important than people may think. Gretchen Scalpi has a way of informing us before we can even ask the questions. She is insightful, caring and so knowledgeable from top to bottom on gluten free diets.

As a person who does not have Celiac but cares about nutrition, I highly recommend this book. It will give you the insight and understanding to deal with your own nutritional issues or those of your friends and family. “

-Michelle M.