Welcome To The Gluten Free Bootcamp!

  • Have you been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or told that you could improve your health by going gluten free?

  • Are you overwhelmed by all the information you need to get started on a gluten free lifestyle?

  • Do you need guidance on what to eat and how to prepare it?

  • Have you gotten frustrated at the grocery store because you don’t know what to buy?

If you answered yes to these questions then you need the Gluten Free Bootcamp.

The Gluten Free Bootcamp, with exclusive content not seen anywhere else, created by Gretchen Scalpi, RD, CDE is for people who are newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease or any gluten intolerance.

Who is Gretchen Scalpi, RD, CDE?

framedheadshot“I have spent my career working to promote good nutrition and wellness as an entrepreneur, author, health and wellness coach, consultant and speaker.  I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Wellcoach® and a Certified LEAP Therapist (Lifestyle Eating and Performance).”

“After receiving a BS in Human Nutrition I worked as a clinical dietitian in hospitals, long term care, and taught nutrition courses in community colleges.”

“In 2002, I opened my health and wellness coaching and private nutrition practice.   I have worked with hundreds of clients helping them learn to how to improve their health through better diet and lifestyle. My areas of specialty include, diabetes, weight management, gastrointestinal disorders, and food sensitivities.”

“Aside from my credentials, I had a very compelling reason for making this Bootcamp available to people online….I have celiac disease myself, and I know just how challenging selecting food and staying healthy can be! When I received my diagnosis of celiac disease, I was completely stunned! I did not have any of the classic symptoms often associated with celiac disease because I have what is known as “silent celiac disease.” Some people have symptoms and others don’t. My Bootcamp can help you learn more about celiac disease or gluten intolerance,  and what steps to take next. In many cases, people like me do not get diagnosed for a very long time and this can be very damaging to your health. Did you know that the average person with celiac disease can spend up 10 years visiting doctors before they get an accurate diagnosis?”

“I have taken my expertise as a health professional, as well as the knowledge I’ve gained from my own personal experience to bring you this Bootcamp. This is where you can learn what you need to do to lead a healthy life that’s gluten free. Cut through the confusion and get the practical tools and advice you need to get started right away!”

“I am the author and creator of “The EVERYTHING Guide to Managing and Reversing Pre-Diabetes 2nd Ed.“, “The EVERYTHING Diabetes Cookbook 2nd Ed.“, “Virtual Grocery Store Tour: Getting The Most Nutrition Out Of Your Food Shopping“, “Pre-Diabetes: Your Second Chance At Health“, “The Quick Start Guide to Healthy Eating“, “The Quick Start Guide To Pre-Diabetes” and “Quick Start Recipes For Healthy Meals“’ and “The Gluten-free Bootcamp.”

What Exclusive Content Is Included In The Gluten Free Bootcamp?

Module 1

Video:  Where Do I Start (39:25)
Symptoms of Celiac Disease
Shopping List – Gluten Free Foods:  Use This List To Get Started!
Easy Gluten-Free Meals:  Quick Meals With Foods From The Grocery Store

Module 2

Video:  Label Reading, Product Locating and Healthy Choices (37:37)
Additives & Ingredients That Are Gluten Free
Reliable Gluten Free Websites (You’ll get more of these in the resource section.)
The IRS ruling for a gluten free tax deduction

Module 3

Video:  Getting The Hang Of It:  Cooking & Baking The Gluten Free Way (43:32)
Gluten Free Flour Blends
Gluten Free Cookbook Recommendations
Gluten Free Black Bean Brownies using Commercial Brownie Mix

Module 4

Video:  Dealing With Everything Else:  Family, Friends, School & Social Situations (36:44)
A link to “Talk To Your Family About Gluten Intolerance
Gluten Free Restaurant Cards
Using to Rehabilitation Act ruling to get gluten free accommodation for your child in school


Gluten Free Resource Directory (includes Pinterest Boards, Tumblr sites, Facebook, Twitter and Websites)
Gluten Free Travel Resources
A follow up phone Q & A session to get your questions answered
Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide For Healthy Eating PowerPoint Presentation

"As someone that had very minimal previous knowledge about the gluten free diet, I now feel completely educated and competent regarding this topic. This program goes above and beyond by providing much more information than just the gluten free basics. Registered Dietitian, Gretchen Scalpi, understands that the transition to a gluten free lifestyle can be very difficult, and she does a fantastic job at teaching the viewer how to make that transition go as smoothly as possible. She gives great ideas, tips and advice that you wouldn’t be able to acquire otherwise. This program is perfect for anyone who desires to learn more about the gluten free diet!"

- Jaclyn F.


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